Hi! I'm from Germany. Right now, i'm only boosting on Rainbow Six Siege.

More than 180 orders done, only 5 stars review.

I used to be a competitive player on this game, after retiring due to lack of time. I've been playing this game since Alpha, and even participated to the Technical Test of June 2015.

As of today, i'm a non-boosted diamond with 5677 elos (So 1200 more than the diamond rank itself). I've always been diamond except in Y1S1 (plat2). My main account is lvl 299, and i'm mainly trying to get my smurf account to lvl 299 now.

If you are interested in my ratios:
Main account: LVL 299 - 4.7 W/L - 2.1 K/D NA:Diamond EU:Diamond
Main smurf: LVL 268 - 8.4 W/L - 2.6 K/D NA:Diamond EU:Diamond
Smurf 2: LVL 188 - 6.4 W/L - 2.3 K/D NA:Diamond EU:Diamond

I have NEVER been banned on any account, and never used cheat. I'm not toxic, and usually hide the text chat to avoid other toxicity. I mainly use VOIP if i need to

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege
Orders Completed: 200
Recent Orders: 29
Last Active: Online
Rating: 5/5 (130 reviews)

If you want Sidney to be your booster, type 4882 when you choose the booster for your order

Sidney's Reviews:

putain merde

fast as fuck


this went really really fast like unbelieveable fast , thx once more my dude

Sidney is a very friendly booster ! playing with him was cool and daimond aim and sense is amazing! O.o