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Very experienced player on winning gold / silver games . I play 20+ games / day and i rely on my mechanics .

Main adc / top / mid ( Kog Maw / Twitch , Riven / Fiora and Talon / Cassio main ) , but i can play nearly everything at high level .

I can boost up to d5 euw/eune or d1 ru. Expect very fast service. I can also coach toplane or midlane at very high level and some champions like Riven , Fiora or Renek vs most match ups and also how to track enemy jungler to not get ganked , but only on spanish since my english is pretty average .

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Yan to be your booster, type 4769 when you choose the booster for your order

Yan's Reviews:

Elo Division Boost
haru boosted by Yan from Gold 1 to Platinum 5

he did a solid job!

ELO Wins Boost
Thomas boosted by Yan for 5 Wins at Silver 1

Tilt proof, very skilled and sexy <3

Elo Division Boost
Marcel boosted by Yan from Silver 2 to Gold 5

Very Nice Job

Elo Division Boost
Frozb boosted by Yan from Gold 5 to Gold 4

Perfect and fast !!!!!
1 day to go from Gold 5 0lp to gold 4 !!!!!!

Elo Duoqueue Games
Tom boosted by Yan for 6 Games at Silver 1

What a guy, amazing player and really good guy. My perm booster from now on <3

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