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Been a top 500 player all season this far (since season 1), I ended top 15 in Season 4 and peaked at rank 7 in Season 5. I mainly play Soldier, Zarya and Tracer but I can play all heros at a Top 500 level. My favourite roles to play are DPS then off tank preferably, however there are games where you need to fill sometimes and I'm more than capable of main tanking or even supporting. I can boost up to Top 500 and have been boosting for quite awhile too so I know what it takes to win games efficiently.

Boosts in: Overwatch, Destiny 2

If you want Tyler to be your booster, type 4258 when you choose the booster for your order

Tyler's Reviews:

Overwatch Guaranteed Top 500
Jay boosted by Tyler from 4028 to TOP 500

Tyler is a boss!
He was able to complete a boost with speed where other boosters failed to do so.

He's definitely the guy to choose for any type of service!

Destiny 2 Boosting
Jamie Bought Trials of the Nine Flawless , boosted by Tyler

He aced it. I almost feel bad for the other people playing against him.

Destiny 2 Boosting
Markus Bought Leviathan Raid , boosted by Tyler

Fast, amazing booster
always my pleasure

Destiny 2 Boosting
Markus Bought Trials of the Nine Flawless , boosted by Tyler

Fast, amazing booster

Destiny 2 Boosting
Markus Bought Iron Banner Token Farming , boosted by Tyler

Fast, amazing booster

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