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Hello my name is Ken, I'm an experienced booster with years of league experience and have been boosting for quite some time now, played league since season 1 and hit challenger 3 times throughout my career. I prefer solo boosting, but can occasionally duo q as well. I'm a very calm player and I have a lot of tolerance which is a great thing to have when playing League of Legends. I always try to give my clients tips on how to improve or how to get better, I try to help in any way I can! I Will always be happy to help a customer in any way I can and promise cool and professional service.

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If you want Kennedy to be your booster, type 3759 when you choose the booster for your order

Kennedy's Reviews:

Elo Duoqueue Games
john boosted by Kennedy for 10 Games at Gold 5

Top-notch service w/ duo-queue in-game tips and feedback after games. Really helps as I climb, not even in it for the boost. Thanks, Ken :)

Elo Duoqueue Games
Lee boosted by Kennedy for 10 Games at Silver 3

Ken was a straightforward dude. Asked if I wanted feedback on what I was doing wrong and he did awesome at explaining things in detail. Definitely, recommend. Will use again if I get more games. Thanks, Ken!

LoL Placement Matches
Peter boosted by Kennedy for 10 Games

kennedy is the best guy out there! Nice guy with a tremendous skill level. He understands what the client is looking for and will provide the best result!

Elo Division Boost
Carlos boosted by Kennedy from Silver 3 to Gold 5

Kennedy was very professional, kind, and experienced. I had a lot of fun working with him and believe anyone will in working with him. I highly recommend him and hope that you enjoy your time with him. He will give you feedback and if you follow his shot calls you will progress without a doubt.

Elo Division Boost
Mike boosted by Kennedy from Silver 5 to Gold 5

Fast and efficient

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