Hello, I'm a Fortnite pro player and I play for an E-Sports team.

Newly achieved:
Currently 18,000 points in Arena [Champion III Division]
6 KD+, with a 37 kill game in Arena.

Old achievements:
Started playing this game before season 1 starts but I left before it starts and came back in season 3.

Used to be 28th on world on highest kills in game in season 3 (28 kills solo squad).

Used to be 1st on my country for 2 whole seasons (season 4~5)

My overall KD is nearly 4, (3.9) with 18% winrate. (30%+ winrate in the past 2 seasons.)

I've got experience in boosting and I've done that several times on several other games, hope I be as helpful as I can be while boosting.


I'd gladly be your booster, feel free to use my code down below in order to pick me o/

Boosts in: Apex Legends, Fortnite
Orders Completed: 62
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If you want Ayman to be your booster, type 9983 when you choose the booster for your order

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Ayman is a very friendly guy with a nice attitude. can 100% recommend him!

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Great game, was a pleasure to play with this men, i agree this men !

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Topppppppp and Fast!!!!!!!!

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Very nice and fast 5/5

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Ayman was awesome and super fast! Quickest boost I've ever seen.