Hi my name Pavel.
Im playing competitive online games most of my time.
Ex top 500 europe overwatch tank/dps player (zarya, winston, widow, mccree, solder76, reaper)
Now playing apex legends, predator and top500 season 1 - season 3. Favorite hero - pathfinder/lifeline/wraith. Weapons - r99/301/peacekeeper/wingman/eva8.
Sometimes playing different games as CODMW, Diabotical, pubg.
Watching anime, reading manga.
Also top 24 "FPS aim kovaak trainer tracking scenarious" except "ascended tracking 90 small" player.
Love mouse/mousepads, current use Glorious model 0- with paracord and zowie gtfx.
Jesus i srsly have to fill this description for no reasons with 100 words?
I dont know what else.
Favorite food: none.
Favorite music: five finger death punch, Raizer, Scandroid, Emil Bulls.

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Adam boosted by Pavel from Gold I to Platinum IV - 02/10/2020

Very fast and professional work. I am very happy with his performance in the game. I can only recommend for a boost.