Hello. My name is Guillermo from México. Playing since season 1 , and started boosting in s7. My main role is support, and mid, but i can play every role as well. I was Challenger last season, and my highest is Challenger LAN in this season and D1 NA. I´m always kind and calm, no flame at all but won´t talk in voice chat unless you really want me to. I would prefer doing solo boosting, but i´m fine with duoing too :). I´ll try my best to give you my best and complete the order as fast and as good as i can.
My main supports are: Sona, Nami, Zyra, Rakan, Morgana and Janna.

Boosts in: League of Legends
Orders Completed: 61
Recent Orders: 10
Last Active: 14 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (39 reviews)

If you want Guillermo to be your booster, type 7534 when you choose the booster for your order

Guillermo 's Reviews:

Nice guy,friendly and understanding. And gets the job done smoothly

makes the most difficult games look easy and will never fail you!

Straight destroying every game. Enemy never had a chance.

Good jungles, has a good experience, would recommend

Simply amazing. Didn't lose a single game