I have competitive experience in Hots, been in the NA HGC open qualifiers and many other tournaments. I mostly play ranged DPS but can flex to bruiser or melee assassin depending on your needs. I am offering boosting services and duo services, during our duo i will give inputs on how to get better at the game, similar to coaching but less intensive.. some of the things i can point out is draft, macro, lane priorities, etc. You will definitely learn a lot just by duo-ing with me guaranteed! I will also make sure the time spent duo-ing with me is a fun one!! Always be Positive!!

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If you want James to be your booster, type 73646 when you choose the booster for your order

James's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Anonymous boosted by James from Diamond 1 to Master - 27/05/2020

Excellent playmakers, and great attitude.

Josh boosted by James from Silver 3 to Silver 2 - 26/05/2020

This guy is incredible. I did a second boost with him just for the experience and the pleasure playing with him. Look at this as an opportunity to get coached by one of the best out there! He explains everything - from drafts to map rotations to well - how to obliterate the other team. P.S. - As a bonus you get to see the PoG when he teleports through a wall and skill shots a player for a kill. GG.

Josh boosted by James from Bronze 2 to Silver 3 - 24/05/2020

James is incredible! He reignited my passion for Heroes of the Storm, and now I am enjoying the game more than ever. I didn't think that was possible, but James is just that awesome! Getting the chance to play with James not only got me the levels that I wanted very quickly, but it ended up making me a much better player. He takes the time to explain all aspects of the game, and the reasoning behind each decision. He explained the meta during drafts, and I even discovered some new favorite heroes (Rehgar with Bloodlust!). As a bonus, you get to watch James make some next-level plays (i.e. a blind arcane orb through a bush to kill the enemy). Highly recommend!

Anonymous boosted by James from Diamond 2 to Diamond 1 - 18/05/2020

Very impressed by the speed of the turnaround. James is a top tier booster!

Sandra boosted by James from Silver 5 to Gold 5 - 16/05/2020

Very fast boost. From Silver 5 to Gold 5 in 24 hours. Amazing service and a very cool dude.