I have been playing Rainbow Six Siege since about Season 1, I have many victories in GO4 Siege tournaments on my main account. I also have LAN game achievements in my country. I will do my best to complete all my special requests, for example, recording videos of the games, K/D boosts, operator kill boosts and will make sure to finish my jobs on time!

I have multiple victories against Professional Rainbow Six Siege players.

My main account is Diamond and has a 1.6 K/D

I don't use any hacks or glitches, or anything else that would be against the rules or violate the Fair Play terms of service to compromise your account in any way.

If you choose me for your job, you will be satisfied!

Feel free to use the code "67182" in the checkout to assign me as your booster.

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If you want Burak to be your booster, type 67182 when you choose the booster for your order

Burak's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Anon boosted by Burak for 10 matches Games on PC

Burak won't disappoint you. Always a pleasant experience.

Merlino boosted by Burak for 10 Wins in Platinum 3

is good

Jim boosted by Burak from Gold I to Platinum III

Perfectly done. Very quick. And he's very gentle and friendly. 10/10

mm boosted by Burak for 3 matches Games on PlayStation 4

Amazing as always.

lm boosted by Burak for 7 matches Games on PC

Great dude, finished fast!