I am Thomas,I can perfom Boosts through all the world In Apex Legends. I do my boosts fast as possible, I ensure fast and reliable boosts.

- League of Legends: Top 30 player since s4 . I ensure +85% winrate . I perform coaching sessions in Spanish.

- Rainbow Six Siege: Ex Semi Professional Player, played R6 4 years in a row since its launch being a top player with high KDA among professionals. (1,9KD) Can perfom all kind of boosts in Rainbow Six.

- Apex Legends At this moment I'm aiming to be a Professional in this game, So I'm doing my best to reach that level. Right now I've 5.6 KD with really high win rate (12 wins in 5 hours 10 minutes )

I'll always play the best in every game in way to give you better stats to show up such as KD, Win rate, Headshots, etc.

Boosts in: Apex Legends, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege
Orders Completed: 82
Recent Orders: 2
Last Active: 6 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (44 reviews)

If you want Thomas to be your booster, type 6597 when you choose the booster for your order

Thomas's Reviews:



very good

Thomas was able to complete my order pretty fast. He is also extremely nice and respectful.