Hi. Im from Russia and i have rang ancient 4000. I would like to offer my skills in DOTA 2. The range of boost from 0 to 5300. The experience is 1 years. No flame, never blame, just carry your game. Im playing different heroes, because it does a boost more anonymous and doesnt let Valve to ban your account due to a boost. I speak English and Russian. I do some 10-16 games by day, my primetime is ~18:00 - 6:00 CET. I can play and boost with any position, but cant play any hero - no meepo, no broodmother, no lycan.

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If you want Engen to be your booster, type 6328 when you choose the booster for your order

Engen's Reviews:

i hired him again!! thank you Engen!! very professional and very friendly!

can play anyrole!! recommend to anyone! good guy and very friendly

Very good booster, took him 5 hours to get 200 mmr. Really fast, i recommend this guy. 100% winrate.

This guy is different than others boosters. Boosting from position 5 was something amazing to watch. Highly recommended, with amazing polite approach. Cheers mate.

although it took a while for the order to be accepted, booster took care of the games quickly and without a loss