hello! I'm 6 years old playing League of Legends. I have been a challenger in 3 season. on different servers my main server is NA... vcx .. I am currently a very good teamfight tactics player, in which I am also challenger and I am among the first 20 of my server ... I dedicate myself to this 70-80% of my time. My main lines are jg, mid and top. I mostly use champions with a lot of mobility (read without, camil, khazix, nidale, gnar, katarina, heel, zed, ahri) and that kind of thing, I also adapt to all kinds of lines / rolls since it sounds "proud" but I am good with all the champions xd. I also coached for 1 year and a half but only in Spanish and Portuguese, my English is 60-65% good.

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Incredibly fast and effective, great boost will order again.

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Awesome booster! Kept me up to date and finished quickly

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Very nice

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good booster !

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