My name is Hugo, I'm a french booster. (Only boost on EUW)
Been playing League of Legends since season 4. I've been improving a lot, learnt a lot watching games from the top players. I main toplane at high elo. But for lower than diamond 4 orders I'm gonna play jungle or midlane (as you can be everywhere and faster, have more impact and you can get fed way faster too increasing winrate.)
I'll give my best everytime I select an order so you're satisfied. Feel free to talk to me during the boost, I'll answer asap ;)

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If you want Hugo to be your booster, type 54590 when you choose the booster for your order

Hugo's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Etienne boosted by Hugo from Silver 4 to Gold 4 - 17/05/2020

Très bien, très rapide Hugo Carry toute les games

Skekky boosted by Hugo for 10 matches Games - 13/05/2020

Great booster and really fast! Recommended!

J. boosted by Hugo from Diamond 4 to Diamond 3 - 08/05/2020

thanks for the boost :)

Leo boosted by Hugo for 3 Games at Platinum 4 - 03/05/2020

Very great Booster , compensated losses and played more than what i paid for to make sure i earned Lp.

Tristan boosted by Hugo from Silver 4 to Gold 4 - 09/04/2020

Good communications, awesome guy would recommend really amazing top laner