Hello , huh here I go :)
So I started `gaming` in my early
age, from playing those old nintendos with controllers that used to fail after every use and had to buy another one :p . A few years later I got my first laptop and I fell in love with strategy games (empire earth, dawn of war soulstorm , stronghold, etc, used to play with those all day and finishing campaign several times. Later on I got my pc when I discovered League and never considered quitting it

Number of years playing
I have been playing since season 2, so about 7 years.

What roles do you play?
I can play a lot of champs
Irelia, jax, darius, ziggs, ahri, veigar, cassio, jinx, vayne, draven, kaisa etc etc etc

What’s your current rank?
Yesterday I was Challenger in my 4 account, so GGWP xD

What regions do you play?
where I get good ping

Best Pizza?

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cash boosted by Jared from Bronze 1 to Silver 4 - 11/03/2020

strong skill, and fast

Michale boosted by Jared for 8 Games at Silver 3 - 22/02/2020

Jared is awesome, and knows what hes doing. Great Duo for sure. :D

Tate boosted by Jared from Bronze 2 to Silver 4 - 20/02/2020

The site is reliable, custom service was very fast and good. The booster is just a little slow but overall it's alright.

jeisson boosted by Jared for 20 Games at Bronze 1 - 02/02/2020


Noel boosted by Jared from Silver 3 to Silver 2 - 24/01/2020

Thank you for your hard work.
It would be better if you played Kaisa as I requested tho.