Hi, my name is Egor. I've been playing Hearthstone since the release date. I have been working as a booster in Hearthstone for 4 years, so it’s easy for me to make your order as quickly as possible. I often took the top 100 and top 10, and on my account more than 40k wins. I can make an order from rank 4 to legend in less than a day, but it also depends on your card collection. It does not matter to me what deck to play, as long as it is relevant in the current meta. FOR THE HORDE! :D

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If you want Egor to be your booster, type 336 when you choose the booster for your order

Egor's Reviews:



top! nice guy!

Excellent service. Super fast, reliable and talkative..! No account risk whatsoever, 100% legit and pro! RECOMMENDED BY ALL MEANS!

I was assigned to Egor, and I must admit that he got me from rank 7 to legend very quikly. Perfect service.