Hello im from the UK and i play rocket league and some other games i started at the end of season 3 highest rank was champ but ended up at super star then started to improve alot playing the game quite a bit and in season 4 my highest rank then was only champ 1 div 4 but sadly i ended that season at diamond 2 and then the start of season 5 i did alot of the tranings and it helped me improve loads and ive improved sooo much that i played very well and ended up at champ 3 and i thought if i trained a bit more i can get grand champ so i slowley played more i hit grand champ and my highest position was 8 and im in top 100 in 1s aswell on a diffrent account and i enjoy doing this job because i want to help other people out and make them happy and get them the rank they want

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Luis boosted by Leo for 8 matches on 3v3 (Standard) ( +40% ) - 30/03/2020

Awesome guy, very nice, 10/10 would want him again

Louis boosted by Leo for 7 matches on 3v3 (Solo Standard) ( +40% ) - 27/03/2020

Fast and good

k boosted by Leo from Champion III to Grand Champion on XBox One - 06/10/2018

quick ez

Matt boosted by Leo for 1 Wins - 19/07/2018

Had Leo as my booster. Communication about my order was basically immediate. Great guy to talk to. Easy communication and pretty funny too. Didn't take long to complete my order at all! Would highly recommend Leo as well as this site!

Fabian boosted by Leo from level 12 to 32 on PlayStation 4 - 15/07/2018

Nice and Fast