Hi my name is James, i have been playing rainbow six seige since Year 1 Season 2. I have been diamond a few times, i enjoy playing Rainbow Six Seige as i spend a a lot of hours everyday playing the game. I am very, very skilled at rainbow six seige and i will complete your order as soon as i can. I will make you your desired rank in the shortest time possible. I won't open your alpha packs, do any challenges or message anybody on your account. I play on Xbox on European and American servers. Thank you for taking the time to read my description

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege
Orders Completed: 34
Recent Orders: 16
Last Active: Online
Rating: 5/5 (24 reviews)

If you want james to be your booster, type 27407 when you choose the booster for your order

james's Reviews:

Very fast, good communication. Excellent Booster

Very efficient and was nice

Very fast I would recommend

Great job!

accomplished task with high-efficiency and -skill