Hey, I'm a semi-pro player. Over 7k hours in-game. C1 english level, ready to help, give a lot of tips. I am around 3200 elo rn. Previously rank S, now I'm ranked G on esea. Feel free to contact me at any time. I'm also open to duo, obviously a solo-boost is much more efficent but I'm ready to coach you a little bit while in-game. Further information in dm's :) I can also coach you while watching your demo together, point out all the mistakes, give tips and teach you a couple of funky-tricks you can use in-game.

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If you want Mikołaj to be your booster, type 23171 when you choose the booster for your order

Mikołaj's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Gavin boosted by Mikołaj from Silver Elite Master to Gold Nova I - 20/03/2020

Awesome and fast. Great play

Xannnnnn boosted by Mikołaj from Distinguished Master Guardian to Legendary Eagle - 28/02/2020

Very fast and friendly.

Esse boosted by Mikołaj from Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian - 26/02/2020

Extremely chill. A great booster, and someone I highly recommend.

Bratan boosted by Mikołaj from Gold Nova III to Gold Nova Master - 25/02/2020

10/10 fast, great player, a+ English, provided tips as well.

Wesley coached by Mikołaj for 1 hour - 25/02/2020

Good. 10/10 :D