I am a T500 player who has been playing since the release of Overwatch. I would love to help you get to your desired SR, I am available to stream it, in full HD 60 fps of course, duoQ if that's what you prefer , and can play a variety of heros. I climb best with Hanzo or Mcree but am able play many more heros if that is what you wish. I have no limit to my time, only sleep, I will be able to work on your account quickly and without breaks. If you have any special requests please don't hesitate to ask.

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If you want Jacob to be your booster, type 21710 when you choose the booster for your order

Jacob's Reviews:

Jacob did an excellent job boosting me to diamond Rank. Really enjoyed playing duo with a T500 player, even gave me a few pointers during matches.

very fast went 5-1

Thx for boot

Jacob is incredible fast and friendly, I just can recommend him ^^

Was awesome , interacted as he streamed pretty sure he didnt loose a game.