I am an overwatch player who has reached top500 many seasons with many accounts but has always loved playing on other accounts for some reason, which is why boosting is perfect for me ! :D
I started playing the game at season 3 and played in worldcup team scrims, and against contenders trials teams , but i like more the ranked ladder than team scrims :)
My main roles are support and offtank, but while boosting i prefer playing on DPS, by the way my peak with support/offtank is around top50 and with DPS around top150 so no worries there , that just means i can do specific heroes better than alot :D

I will always start your order the moment i can, and do it with as much haste as i can :)

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If you want Niv to be your booster, type 17940 when you choose the booster for your order

Niv's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

MS boosted by Niv from 2802 to 3100 - 25/08/2019

Very friendly and fast Booster, recommend him !

Florian boosted by Niv for 10 matches - 25/08/2019

decent and fast boost - friendly overall and I'd for sure recommend him!

Matt coached by Niv for 1 hour - 18/08/2019

Really helpful with positioning and aiming tips to help me improve. Definitely recommend.

BOIIII boosted by Niv for 10 matches - 12/05/2019

He is a BEAST he is fast, a good and nice player and did i mention FAST ?

Charms coached by Niv for 2 hours - 11/05/2019

His pointers were really good! I have been doing so much better, climbing really hard. I've won 90% of my games since I purchased 2 hours of coaching from him :D