I'm full time lol booster.
I play 8-15 games per day based on your ELO and the nature of the service.
I try to inform the customers daily about the boosting process.

Iron - Silver - Bronze - Gold single division rank up takes 1 day
Platinum single division rank up takes 1-2 days
Diamond single division rank up takes 1-3 days

These numbers are not exact, just based on my experience.
Elo, Duo, Mastery, Level-up, and coaching are affordable.
On duo Boost, I can use your smurf account if you want.
Be polite and feel free to ask me anything.
Mutual Respect

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If you want Mohamed to be your booster, type 12612 when you choose the booster for your order

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Nice and fast Boost ^^ thx



best dude again