We are 7ppl boost group, with high mythic+ rating and huge expirience in keys.
We can provide you in mythic dungeons, Mythic+ dungeons +2-11.
Also we can gear up your characters in 340-350-360-370 gear.
We can make soloboost : Leveling 110-120 15h/24h ; Leveling with gear up ; WQ farm ; Azerite power farm And more other.
Our services can be with stream, if you want (only for orders with account sharing) .
Some information about us :
Tank : 7.2.0 / 7.2.5 - in top 10 on world
Our dd's : in 7.3 - 3000+ mythic score
1st heal : 3000+ mythic score
2nd heal : 2500 mythic score
If you have any questions i will glad to answer.

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If you want Alexander to be your booster, type 11650 when you choose the booster for your order

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