Hello, Go by hazzyy peak masters 100LP. I try my best to provide high paced boosting services. Respectful and no flame. No voice chat and not that much in game chat too. Pref solo boosting but duo boosting I'm fine with. I can play mostly all mid champs and possibly play top and adc pretty easily too. I pref mid mostly and carry with it easily. If there is no boosting involved, well i am fine with that I can coach too. Fave champs TF and Ryze. I am striving to pay off UNI debt with boosting and hopefully that can help you understand why I do this. Always have a positive mindset and refuse to give up in any situations. Only thing I can pick from playing league or games in general is that the one way of improving is a good mindset and proving people wrong.

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If you want Abdala to be your booster, type 115317 when you choose the booster for your order

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A coached by Abdala for 3 hours - 16/04/2021


A coached by Abdala for 3 hours - 15/04/2021

Great as always.

A coached by Abdala for 2 hours - 11/04/2021


A coached by Abdala for 3 hours - 11/04/2021

Great Coaching as always.

Abdulrahman coached by Abdala for 2 hours - 10/04/2021