I have 5 years experiences, i have played league of legends 7 years, im super friendly,kindly, no toxic,reply in 7h,high skills, i can play 20 games per day, top 10 challenger last season, choose me i won't let you disappointed,I'm an booster with very good carrying skills, never toxic, always completing orders so soon possible to make a good impression on customers, talk politely and fulfill every customer's request.feel free to request me anytime ill be pleased to help you out..Im pretty much a hecarim one trick,i play him both top and jungle with pretty high success and win rate

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If you want Huy to be your booster, type 113874 when you choose the booster for your order

Huy's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

ProBoosting boosted by Huy for 2 Wins in Platinum 4 Recent Order

Quality was really good ! he did 2 fast games. in the first game performance was a little bit worse but everyone needs to warmup I guess ^_^. Lucky enough we got trough in the lategame pretty easly ! GG

Chris boosted by Huy for 3 Games at Gold 3 Recent Order

Got matched within 30 minutes of placing order and games were completed quickly :)

Jacob boosted by Huy for 1 Wins in Diamond 3 Recent Order

Played great, good mental. Thanks!

August boosted by Huy for 3 Wins in Gold 4

Easiest wins :)

A. boosted by Huy for 1 Wins in Diamond 4

Good job !