Hey there! I’ve been playing hots since its Beta Release and also I’ve participated on all HGC qualifiers until its end on 2018. I’ve reached the Grandmaster ranking on 2017 and been there ever since. I play with every hero available (Hogger patch) and have my favorite picks for every role, but my main role is dps, either ranged or melee, with my main picks being Diablo, Muradin, Garrosh, Cassia, Sylvanas, Greymane and sometimes my main hero which is Zeratul.

Fun fact: I’ve made to GM playing with only-role accounts for all roles. Above all that, I really love playing the game and will be happy to help you improve! Hope you all like my work and gg out there!

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If you want João to be your booster, type 113174 when you choose the booster for your order

João's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Tibor boosted by João from Bronze 3 to Silver 1 - Yesterday

Joao did it again! :) I recommend his service!

Dave boosted by João for 3 matches - Two days ago

João is very helpful, friendly, and kind. Much appreciate for his boost and chat. Highly recommended for everyone wanna understand more about the game, hero, builds, and meta. Got 3-0 of my placement match <3. Thanks again.

Jarno boosted by João from Bronze 2 to Silver 2 - 09/02/2021

I would have been satisfied in 20% lower win rate. He played so well no one really noticed how bad I was. So after we won a bunch of games I felt happy, not because we've won , but because no one had insulted me in hours. Now if only someone invented how to not get insulted in Twitter also... until then, João is my man.

Tibor boosted by João from Bronze 5 to Bronze 1 - 01/02/2021

I choosed "play with the booster" option. João is great booster! Kind, patient and very pro! My win rate with him was nearly 99% ;)
I can only recommend him!

C boosted by João from Gold 1 to Platinum 4 - 01/02/2021

Excellent and quick, great coaching!