Hi, I'm Lewis and thanks for stopping by! I have been playing Apex Legends on Xbox since the very start. In ranked, I have finished consistently in Apex Predator in every single split and season, playing with some of the best players on Xbox. My usual mains are Wraith, Caustic and Pathfinder, but I tend to use whoever I need to in order to get maximum points.

I would describe myself as quite an aggressive player, but if need be, I can display a passive play style. With having played the game since the start, I know all about ring placements, legend/gun meta, and custom settings that can give that slight edge in a gunfight.

I provide an extremely friendly customer support and will be in communication with you throughout the process of boosting and coaching, whichever you choose to purchase! And make sure you use my code to select me as your booster, you will not be disappointed!

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If you want Lewis to be your booster, type 106830 when you choose the booster for your order

Lewis's Reviews - Feel free to read them all

Troy boosted by Lewis from Platinum IV to Diamond IV - 23/08/2020

Fast and Proficient booster. 10/10

jaime boosted by Lewis from Platinum III to Diamond IV - 15/08/2020

fun dude to play with

jaime boosted by Lewis from Gold III to Platinum III - 13/08/2020

great booster fast and friendly definitely recommend