Hello, im Keytix. I have been playing in overwatch since season 1 and I have always been in the top 500, most likely in the top 10-30. My favorite heroes are the tracer and the soldier: 76 and other heroes. My peak period was during season 5, when I managed to bring 5 profiles to the top 10. I can give you tips to position yourself, improve you with the goal and a good enjoyment by flanking.

I'm very good Realm royale player , i am Master ( SoloQ , DuoQ and Squad ) my favorite character is the assassin, I can play other characters too ! i am on PC and PS4 :)

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If you want Julien to be your booster, type 10131 when you choose the booster for your order

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Dennis boosted by Julien for 100 kills

Fast service :)

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Believe me he is the best .. in any levels want :) thx j

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Joulian thx for everything thing ur the best , and fast , gg

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The booster was amazing. Quick, friendly, and best of all, great at what he does. 10/10 would recommend