Hello I play League of Legends. I started playing League of Legends at the end of season 2. My favourite champions to play are Azir, Lucian, and Yasuo. In season 5 I won a big online 1v1 tourney and earned a big sum of prize money. After finally committing time to grinding I reached Master Tier with ease in season 7. I am well known for my Azir taking over games and being a hypercarry for my team. I like to be a flashy player. If you choose me as a booster I can guarantee I will try my hardest to win every single game I play because I do not accept defeats.

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If you want Austin to be your booster, type 6197 when you choose the booster for your order

Austin's Reviews:

Amazing booster, played so well in our Duo we skipped Gold 2, Highly recommend, if you own azir he will easily boost you to any rank, he put it in his bio for a reason it really is that good, and just a great guy all around had a lot of fun will definitely request if I ever duo boost again.

Awesome booster, Very skilled. Thank You!