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My name is Calamity. I am a Top 500 Overwatch booster, and have been playing Overwatch since Season 1. I do both duo and solo boosts and I will get job done really fast, I just enjoy grinding soloQ or playing with someone to either teach or learn from players that you meet in competitive. I've been top 500 every season and ending up really high on the ladder all of the seasons. I speak fluent English and I hope we'll get along!

Boosts generally take different amount of hours depending on what time I start the boost (Fast or slow ques depending on the day/time)

10 Placement Games: Two hours roughly.
0-2000: Give me between 6 hours to 12 (Generally less)
2000 to 2500: Between two and three hours.
3500 - 4000: A minimum of two hours, can take up a little bit more time (up to 4 hours maximum but generally less)

As a margin (500 sr equals roughly two to three hours, anything takes a little bit more time. If it's beneath 3000sr however it'll take next to no time.)

Boosts in: Overwatch

If you want Calamity to be your booster, type 5860 when you choose the booster for your order

Calamity's Reviews:

Overwatch Placement Matches
kees boosted by Calamity for 10 matches

Nice guy very good and lightning fast 10/10

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