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Greetings, My name is Anton. I'm Former HGC pro-player and now quite active competitive Open Divison player at Heroes of The Storm. Before my HoTs adventure was semi-pro player at League of Legends and rank challenger as achievement iksdee.

In shorter option i've used to play as flex player, which means my hero pool is insanely huge and i can play perfectly on any of roles. Top GML positions it is not really big deal for me, because the main goal is be professional at things that I like, my booster's services also counts.

From time to time was part of decent competitive teams you could see at some tournaments.

Boosts in: Heroes Of The Storm

If you want Anton to be your booster, type 5671 when you choose the booster for your order

Anton's Reviews:

HotS Placement Matches
Federico boosted by Anton for 9 matches

MVP he did it easy 81.

HotS Placement Matches
TH boosted by Anton for 10 matches

very flexible booster. Thank you :)

HotS Placement Matches
SickOfTrolls boosted by Anton for 10 matches

Fast and efficient booster.
8/10 placements won from Diamond 5 to Master 1000.

Would recommend.

HotS Rank Boosting
Mister K boosted by Anton from Silver 5 to Gold 5

perfect and quick boost. Anton is a nice guy with an >90% winrate! (23 wins out of 25 games!)
i would recommend you to pick him for your boost, if you want it to be
fast and easy.
I will pick him for sure :)

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