Hi my name is Darren I'm a Rainbow Six and Call of Duty player. I have reached Platinum 1 on multiple accounts in multiple seasons, due to my preferred competitive play style (Bomb) I have not yet reached diamond. I have competed in multiple ESL tournaments (Go4 Cups) and have a lot of strategy and general knowledge of the game. The time it will take me to obtain your desired rank will depend on current rank and points you are receiving per game. My best placement has been 9-1 (Plat 3) only needing to win 1 game to get platinum 2.

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege
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If you want Darren to be your booster, type 5598 when you choose the booster for your order

Darren's Reviews:

Darren is a phenomenal siege player and a consummate pro when it comes to dealing with his clients. He leveled me to my desired level in less than 24 hours and communicated with me throughout
the process. I would highly recommend Darren for rank boosting or coaching, he is as good as they come.

he was amazing booster gold 4 to plat 3 in 3 days on 60 ranked points for win highly recomend him