Hello! High elo player ready to help anyone XD. I can boost in most elo and win really consistently. I have been playing League of legends since season 2 and I absolutely love the game. In the ladder I have been playing against master/challenger tier players. I respect every player who i'm playing with and I always try to win game for my team. For coaching, I will teach you the importance of pressuring lanes, knowing the enemy cooldowns , timing, trades, baiting, anticipate the intentions of the enemy, laning and fighting inside the fog of war, When you have the advantage and when you don't. I will teach you when it is the time to do a certain action in the game and shotcalls to win the game easily.

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If you want Richie to be your booster, type 5034 when you choose the booster for your order

Richie's Reviews:

Thanks so much!!! The booster is very nice and skilled, finish my order in such a short time! He is amazing!