Hi my name is Christopher, I started playing League of Legends back in season 2 around the time Lulu was released. For the last three years I have mained ADC and Support. First hit challenger in 2015, now I have three accounts in Challenger. Regularly play against other Oceanic professional players, I have a deep understanding of the bot lane. Open to coaching offers. Other than that I take LoL very serious even more so when boosting. When I take on a boost I will have it done exceedingly quick from any elo up until Diamond. Request me if you want a fast friendly boost :)

League of Legends, OCE.

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If you want Christopher to be your booster, type 4994 when you choose the booster for your order

Christopher's Reviews:

The service was quick and easy, Christopher was also very friendly during the whole process. Overall awesome service. :)