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Dear Everyone!
I mainly moved to Rainbow Six Siege boosting NA & EU feel free to use me for your order 80+ orders done so far!:)

I'm from Hungary, 20 years old. My current occupation is waitressing. I boost people on various games in my free time. I played CS for around 6 years now so pretty experienced, played through all of them mostly, now I also boost Rainbow Six Siege.
What you would get from me is:
-Fast and reliable boosts
-Not using chat's,only if neccesary
-Top scoring or close to the top every game.
-Friendly and communicative
-Duo/Solo boosts
-When I accept your order I'll start right away,and will finish it ASAP.

If you are looking for more boost after your first one,I can offer you a 5% loyalty discount aswell if you choose me to boost you again!:)

Boosts in: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege

If you want István to be your booster, type 4188 when you choose the booster for your order

István's Reviews:

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Peps boosted by István for 8 Wins at Gold

Istvan is a genuinely nice guy!
Great service!

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Sam boosted by István for 12 Wins at Bronze

Did what i paid for

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Peps boosted by István for 11 Wins at Gold

Great guy and good service! :)

CS GO Rank Boosting
C boosted by István from Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian

Great player, fun games

Rainbow Six Siege Match Placements
Penn, W boosted by István for 4 matches Games on PC

The booster was super friendly, and helpful! Mine in particular, Istvan is one hell of a player - he's very good! All in all, I would definitely recommend, this service, as it is reliable, and true to their claims :)

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