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Hello, my name is Teddy. I've reached Challenger of League of Legends but I'm master actually in S7. I prefer boosting in solo queue, but sometimes I can also duo with you and have fun together. I'm from France so I can speak English and French languages. I prefer to playing mid and jung, and champ likes Ahri/Xerath/Oriana/Leblanc/Wukong/Gragas/Ev/Khaz/Jax. Can be better if you got this champ :)

My delivery time is the same about the site:

Bronze V to Silver V around 3 to 4 days
Silver V to Gold V around 5 days
Gold V to Platinum V around 6-7 days
Platinum V to Diamond V around 7-8 days

I always do my best for give the best delay for your order.

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Teddy to be your booster, type 3218 when you choose the booster for your order

Teddy's Reviews:

Elo Division Boost
Yo boosted by Teddy from Silver 5 to Gold 5

Teddy was awesome to play with !!! Very friendly and also gave me tips on what I could do better, would definitely recommend

LoL Placement Matches
Lukas boosted by Teddy for 4 Games

I really liked it, 4 wins out of 4 games and he explained me everything when isked him something :)

Elo Division Boost
Ted boosted by Teddy from Silver 5 to Silver 4

Fast and clean

Elo Division Boost
Ted boosted by Teddy from Bronze 5 to Silver 5

Really cool booster :) I recommend him to anyone willing to learn and gain some LP's !

Champion Mastery

played well and fast

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