Hello! The name's Aydar. I started to play Hearthstone during closed beta, I used to play it casually at first, but after I hit Legend I tried to play more competitively. Hit legend more than 20 times on my own account before I started boosting, Legend rank peak - #9 on EU server in the grim patron post nerf meta. Joined Proboosting team in December 2016, more than 50 orders completed, most of them are Legend boost orders. At the moment I try to main Murloc Pally, Combo Priest and Cubelock, those are the decks I am the most successful with but I also can hit Legend with any popular meta deck for sure. I speak English, Russian and the language of memes

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If you want Aydar to be your booster, type 274 when you choose the booster for your order

Aydar's Reviews:

Great guy, really friendly and kept me updated through the process. Learned a lot by watching his plays, so a great investment for me.

amazing player was abit worryed i orderd to late on in the season. even with blizzard maintenance he did it fast. i would definitely recommend

top service

Thank you again very much Aydar !!! Yesterday at rank 13 standard EU, facing only druids, I wanted to quit the game ... Looking for help, I found this website. I said to myself ... why not ?!
Today, I'm rank 1200 legend, thanks to this great player. I'm watching professional players and not many can rank legend from 10 in one day. Well, Aydar can, and yes, in the beginning of the month, not the end.

You are great. Thank you again ! (no problems with the account safety - this was my main concern at first).

One last word ... You should play in tournaments. Seriously. Congrats again for the patience against the jade druids army - I didn't even had the nerves to watch your games at rank 1, knowing the stake :)) !!!

Thank you again. Best wishes to you m8 !!!

Aydar did an awesome job, he gave me some great tips and reached rank 4 to Legend very easily. I am impressed at his diligence, knowledge, and friendliness. I definitely recommend as a booster if you're looking for great advice, a fast boost, and very friendly booster.