Hi, I am Nikola. I'm a Top 10 Overwatch player on PS4. I love this game so i normally don't take any breaks while doing someones order. I got 3 accounts to 4600 and they got to top 20. I prefer doing solo queue boosts because it is easier and faster done and I can play any character. Normally I get the boost fast done but if it takes longer keep in mind that sometimes people leave mid game. If you ordered a high rank boost I usually tend to play with some of my top 50 friends so the boost is done as soon as possible for the costumer and if you have any questions you can always ask them :)

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If you want Nikola to be your booster, type 1506 when you choose the booster for your order

Nikola's Reviews:

Beast booster

Nikola is just so fast...awesome boost again. thx

Nice guy, quick.

Awesome boost and placements. Thx to Nikola again

Nikola is just awesome. nice guy and awesome booster top ten player!