Hi, my name is Roland and I've been playing league for over 5 years, I've reached diamond consecutively over 3 years, finally reaching challenger in S8. However, i have decided to demote myself to diamond just so i dont't have to constantly play ranked every few days to stop the decay. I enjoy playing league competitively, especially with people and my favourite roles is ADC and middle, mostly because they have the most carry potential and i enjoy one-shotting other champions~~ If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me anytime~ and i hope i can become your booster!

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If you want Roland to be your booster, type 10048 when you choose the booster for your order

Roland's Reviews:

He was a great player learnt a lot from watching

Such a nice booster and carried all of my games

really nice and friendly booster. Made all of my games very easy and won them all

Amazing booster to be boosted by quick fast and easy would so recommend again and again. I never seen such an amazing League player in a while. (: thank you so much!!! Roland

Quick Fast and Easy Thank You So Much! (: