LoL Placement Matches
Julius boosted by Leonardo for 10 Games

Very good player :) He hard carried some very difficult games and got me to gold 4!!

Elo Duoqueue Games
Donati boosted by Leonardo for 10 Games at Platinum 2

Really appreciated the service.
Was a very good experience, he was very friendly and was very polite and had everytime an answer for my questions.

Elo Division Boost
niklas boosted by Leonardo from Diamond 5 to Diamond 4

second time fast and friendly :D :)!

LoL Coaching
Jussi coached by Leonardo for 1 hour

good coach

Elo Duoqueue Games
Joe boosted by Leonardo for 2 Games at Diamond 4

We played 2 games in D4, he carried them and manage to get me to promos D3. Thanks!!