Would defenitiely suggest Nikita as your Dota2 MMR booster. On time and absolutely destroyed the enemy teams!!!!!. 5/5

It's my first time buying dota 2 related things on a website like this so I was a bit worried. But the support answered any questions that I had and I decided to purchase a small boost. I did not have to disable my steam guard or remove my mobile authentication, which made me feel even more comfortable with sharing my account. Once I paid for my boost, I was given a twitch stream link and could see exactly what happens on my account, I got relaxed and simply enjoyed my booster's games.. I will definitely make a bigger order next time. Keep it up boys!
The booster is great, got very high individual skill. A little bit late , but overall is great !! he was very nice player

And for next time 1000000% i will choose u again dear Nikita

took a bit longer than expected but result is here and booster is nice

Very friendly and commited booster! will definitely request for him again. He destroyed the other team every single game in my account

What a surprising quick booster. I'll reboost again with you, Nikita. Recommend