Reviews of Vilius #5600

Ken boosted by Vilius from Silver Elite Master to Gold Nova I - 25/06/2019

Good guy friendly and very skilled.

Jesse boosted by Vilius from Silver IV to Silver Elite Master - 03/06/2019

5600 was great booster and a cool guy would definitely ask for him again

L boosted by Vilius from Gold Nova II to Master Guardian I - 27/02/2019

amazing guy, super fun to talk to and giving amazing advise

Yu coached by Vilius for 1 hour - 20/02/2019

A Very Friendly and Patient guy. Always do Decent call out and he will teach you until you understand and improve your in game skill. btw he will give you a lot of Tips and Guides and I think these are very useful for me.

Dom coached by Vilius for 2 hours - 03/02/2019

Really cool guy!

Genuinely interested in helping make progress, and interesting workshops.

Thanks dude.