Elo Division Boost
Christian boosted by Melih from Gold 5 to Gold 4

Very Quick. Very friendly. I saw the replay from the of the matches, and wow. I learned a lot from Melih. Ty

Elo Duoqueue Games
DMach boosted by Melih for 10 Games at Silver 1

Very good player 10 games 10 wins

Champion Mastery

Finished same day and played very well

Champion Mastery

Best Booster ever.. Day said its gonna take 1 day . it took only 2-3 Hours MAX!

This one is the star! Really good one!

Elo Division Boost
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Melih is the best booster i have got, he did the work in almost 2 days, he is always there if you need him and he is friendly and for sure a very Pro player ;)