He was very friendly and we won every match

Very friendly and open guy

Stephen is an absolute savage. He pried open my soul and destroyed it's contents, promising it would all be worth it over my blood curdling screams. Over the next hour of coaching, no... "re-forming", I became a god among men. The stuff of legend. I became so confident in my abilities that upon placing a claymore on a window I openly taunted a Kapkan player by getting on cams while he ran out to his ironic death, seeing me pull out my phone, as if I was recording in-game. Truly, I have been reborn as the right hand of Lord Tchanka.

Great lesson! Spencer was very approachable which made the whole lesson very enjoyable, especially for an awkward nerd like me hehe. His knowledge of the game was backed up by his excellent communication skill. He took time to check in with me to make sure he answered any questions I had. He also went over the time limit by a bit which showed that he cares about the quality of service he provides.

Perfect! Thanks