Elo Division Boost
harrry boosted by Thomas from Silver 2 to Silver 1

thank you

Champion Mastery
Grant boosted by Thomas from level 3 to level 5

played every game to the best of his ability. Was very rewarding having him as a booster!

LoL Placement Matches
Deoxin boosted by Thomas for 1 Games

Well, it was an interesting game! I fed by ass off early (Was 0/5 at one point), but my booster was able to adapt to the game and snowball other lanes, so much so that they literally 4v5'd until 20 minutes! Outside of the game, Thomas was very easy to talk with and very forgiving for any mistakes made. 10/10!

Elo Division Boost
James Dill boosted by Thomas from Silver 1 to Gold 5

Very friendly and a pleasure to have as a booster.

Elo Division Boost
Lucas boosted by Thomas from Silver 3 to Gold 5

Very Great, Friendly and did an outstanding job.