Elo Division Boost
Tyrael boosted by Reda from Bronze 1 to Silver 4

It was my first Boost ever, i had very bad Placement Matches so this was my decision.

My Booster was Reda, this guy is AMAZING! He Won ALL the games! 100% Win rate! This guy is so funny and he showes me a lot of.

I will come back and then only Reda for me!

I Love this guy!

Elo Division Boost
Kevin boosted by Reda from Silver 2 to Silver 1

A really nice guy, awesome booster!! Helps you if you want tips, even asks you wich champions he cay play and what you prefer. If i come back to get a boost, Reda is my guy!!!

ELO Wins Boost
harrry boosted by Reda for 2 Wins at Gold 4

the best <3

Elo Division Boost
Danijel boosted by Reda from Gold 1 to Platinum 5

A really really nice Person, we talked alot, he was rly cool, for the next time I will look to get my Booster Reda#4848 again

He did his job really well, helped me to reach my Goal some hours before the Season ended, I´m happy and thankful

Elo Duoqueue Games
M L boosted by Reda for 4 Games at Gold 1

Really skillful and funny booster =)