Elo Division Boost
Antonio boosted by Reda from Gold 3 to Gold 2

Really nice guy. Helped ave the order and played his heart out. :)

Elo Division Boost
Franck boosted by Reda from Gold 5 to Gold 4


LoL Coaching
Chase coached by Reda for 2 hours

Reda was super helpful in correcting the areas i had issues, open to start in an area you think you need work or to play a match to see what needs improvement. Definitely will recommend to friends.

Elo Duoqueue Games
olivier boosted by Reda for 5 Games at Platinum 5

again a good player for DUOQ

Elo Division Boost
chatteuxsmurf boosted by Reda from Gold 5 to Platinum 5

very good booster. in 3 days gold V platinium V with MMR plat3