LoL Placement Matches
Roel boosted by Reda for 1 Games

really nice easygoing guy gave me alot of information and self esteem to climb this season definetly recommend him
thanks alot Reda !

Elo Duoqueue Games
Kevin boosted by Reda for 8 Games at Gold 4

This is actually the best booster I had so far and he is also the most friendly booster I played with as well would defo go for him next time when I need a boost

Elo Division Boost
Hakan boosted by Reda from Bronze 4 to Gold 2

Kind and great boosting, thank you kindly.

Elo Division Boost
harrry boosted by Reda from Silver 3 to Silver 2

thank you

LoL Placement Matches
Armandas boosted by Reda for 10 Games

I have played with him 10 placement games, really impressed ! He carried all games without sweating ( I think ). Would love to play again sometime :)