LoL Placement Matches
JM boosted by Reda for 10 Games

Really nice guy, versatile and able to carry almost any team. Great experience, I'd recommend him to anyone

Elo Division Boost
Chilla boosted by Reda from Gold 1 to Platinum 5

Amazing experience ! Fun guy to play with and hes giving great advice in the meantime.
Also boosts you confidence and compliments you when you are making great plays. Thanks a lot again

Elo Division Boost
Mike boosted by Reda from Silver 2 to Gold 5

Amazing player, great guy and started boosting right away. Fantastic job, 5/5!

LoL Coaching
niklas coached by Reda for 1 hour

very handsome guy with nice knowlag bout the game, i would choose him gain


Elo Duoqueue Games
daniel boosted by Reda for 5 Games at Silver 5

top player played well in all the games even though the account didnt have that many champions on.

P.S. he is a baller with the ladies shout out to the girl that thinks he love her haha