Reviews of Maher #48374

Fox / Duo - Play with the booster boosted by Maher for 2 Wins - 26/09/2019

Maher is a trustful booster and processes orders very fast. It's very fun to play with him Duo matches. Surely, i will choose this service again!

Domi coached by Maher for 4 hours - 24/09/2019

Very nice Person! He saw my weaknesses, showed them to me and helped me to get better. 4h Coaching

Fox boosted by Maher for 1 Wins - 23/09/2019

Again... the order was completed very fast. Maher has no problems to gain a victory royale, he always knows what to do! He also gives you tips and hints during the matches. I choose him again!

Fox boosted by Maher for 2 Wins - 23/09/2019

Order was completed very fast! Maher is a friendly booster and always gives you tips during a match. +++

Chun Yu Lawrence coached by Maher for 2 hours - 23/09/2019

A cool and kind booster. My son loves to play with him.