Joseph is the man. Seems like a great guy, good sense of humor and a great player.
Not only did he provide a service, he made it enjoyable. He told me when I did things correctly and made me look forward to playing a generally toxic game mode. 10/10 would (WILL) def use him again.

Joseph got me to Gold III on my placements. I'm more than satisfied. Thank you!

Did an amzing job getting high KDA in the games he played winning or losing. He also increased my win rate very fast by winning most of his games and barely losing! If you would like a excellent booster pick Joseph. I will go to him the next time I make an order.

Professional. Never tilts, and have helpful tips for where you can improve in your game.

As someone coming back LoL after some years away, I decided to inquire Joseph about coaching to help out my play. Joseph was very helpful, and honest on where I was at and what I needed work on, so I can compete at higher elo. He went into details about my mechanics, which help my play as an ADC tremendously when I started to apply them in-game. What was a nice touch is he add commentary on top of my gameplay and up loaded it as a private unlisted YouTube video, so I may re-watch it just in-case I miss anything. Highly recommend.