Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Blue boosted by Georgi for 1 Wins at Gold

Georgi is a good dude, and even if shit doesn't go perfect he will work until its fixed and make sure you get what you paid for.

Rainbow Six Siege Match Placements
Christopher boosted by Georgi for 6 matches Games on PC

Second time having Georgi as my booster. Awesome guy and hes very fast. 100% recommend

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Chris boosted by Georgi for 10 Wins at Bronze

Awesome job! Started it Wilson an hour! Very fast results. 100% recommend

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Raymond boosted by Georgi for 2 Wins at Gold

Second time getting boosted by Georgi. Highly recommend as he is fast and friendly.

Rainbow Six Siege Coaching
Enukis coached by Georgi for 1 hour